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If YOU are one of the growing number of people ready to take charge of your own life and health,
Beverly Coleman’s Wellness Services and  Essential Natural Products and this website are for YOU. 


About Beverly Coleman 
There is no other like her. For 55 years she has been a pioneer and trusted leader in the area of wellcare long before it became a trend.  Now, at age 79 Beverly is still a relentless researcher in health sciences, anthropology and metaphysics. She has taught at every level including university, community college, nursing and medical schools.  She is a longtime community health educator/organizer and maintains a private acupuncture/herbs/wellcare practice in Sedona, AZ.  Beverly has also traveled and lived in various cultures which have broadened her understanding of health beyond that of most health professionals.

Her vast knowledge and years of experience have blossomed into an innovative approach to wellness that has enabled thousands of people to take charge of their lives and health simply by making small, strategic changes in their physical/emotional/mental/social/spiritual LIFESTYLES.

Whether you are sick or well, you will be amazed and inspired by how easily you can enhance your over-all health simply by making lifestyle changes.  You can begin NOW by evaluating the wellness levels of your lifestyle and selecting the Wellness Services and Essential Natural Products that are most appealing to you.